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“To know that we know what we know, and that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”


~Henry David Thoreau

I am thankful for the knowledgeable and active citizenry of Newburyport.  I am proud to represent you and your children as I have continued to serve on the School Committee since 2004.  I am grateful for the confidence that you have shown me with your support and entrusted me with your vote.  In 2017, I did not raise, or spend a dime on my campaign.  This year’s campaign for a 6th term is different.


Challenges are not new to me.  During 2006 – 2007, I served as Vice Chairman and guided our School Committee during what has been described as the most difficult and intense period in the history of our schools.  Drastic budget cuts, an unprecedented loss of more than 30 teachers, and a vital reconfiguration of the entire school system.  During this time, I was able to increase the public discussion about our schools, presiding over well-attended School Committee meetings and active public hearings and forums.  For the next school year, we were able to strategically add back more than $1 million dollars, to support a comprehensive education and ensuring student achievement.


Today, as we continue to wrestle with the pandemic and look to begin a process for a new strategic plan, I want to continue to work on behalf of all stakeholders to provide the best education possible for our children and students.  With a recently constructed model elementary school and a fully renovated upper elementary and middle school, we are at the best place that we have been for sometime to provide what our students need and deserve.  It does not stop with having new buildings and new and improved athletic fields and facilities.  I want to continue that work on behalf of all stakeholders.